XVII International Online Musical Advanced Course
Diego Pisador

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Camerata Salmantina y Ranita de Tormes introduce the XVII International Online Musical Advanced Course Diego Pisador

A perfect place for the smaller ones and not-so-smaller ones learn to develop their skills,
boosting their talent and creativity, and taking them where they never imagined they could be.

The professors

Sergio Fuentes

Sergio Fuentes Rafful

Violin / Viola

He studied with Polina Kotliarskaya, Francisco Comesaña, Brunilda Gianneo, Luis Álvarez, Levon Melikian, Manuel Guillén and Juan Llinares among others, and has carried out improvement courses with Lorand Fényves, Manuel Guillén, Víctor Martín, Vartan Manoogian, Olga Vilkomirskaya, Agustín León Ara, with scholarship of two editions in the International Music in Compostela Course and in management courses with Imre Köller, Josep Pons, Rafael Pascual Villaplana and Enrique Bátiz.

He belonged and collaborated with orchestras such as the Youth of the Community of Madrid (of which he was a founding member), Orchestra of the Madrid Theater, Orchestra of the Spanish Radio Television, Classical Orchestra of Valencia, etc, and duo with the pianist Maria Elena Barrientos, Ensemble Contrastes and diverse chamber groups.

He has directed symphonic and chamber music repertoire throughout the Salmantina region. He has performed in venues such as the Palace of Congresses and Exhibitions of Salamanca, Liceo Theater in Salamanca, Bretón Theater (Salamanca), Sala Baluarte (Pamplona), Miguel Delibes Auditorium (Valladolid), Palencia Cathedral, Alcázar de Segovia, Segovia Cathedral, Teatro Principal (Cáceres), Auditorium Calatrava (Salamanca), CAEM (Salamanca), Casa Lis (Salamanca), Casino (Salamanca), Provincial Museum (Salamanca), Teatro Real (Madrid), National Auditorium (Madrid), Madrid Theater, Theater Apolo (Madrid) ... Torrente Ballester library, Casa de las Conchas (Salamanca), Salas de Portugal, Czechoslovakia and Berlin ... as well as in rural environments, without forgetting that musical culture must also reach them ...: Herguijuela de la Sierra, Villaseco de los Reyes, Aldeatejada, Alba de Tormes, Fariza de Sayago (Zamora), Villalón de Campos (Palencia), Cistérniga (Valladolid) ... In the Salamanca 2002 cycle he directed the world premiere of the Tres Nocturnos for two Guitars and Orchestra de Federico M oreno Torroba in an unprecedented exclusive program for soloists of guitar and symphony orchestra formed by students and professors of the Professional Conservatory of Salamanca.

Artistically he is very committed to the most needy and has offered concerts in favor of: Red Cross, Amnesty International, Saint Vincent de Paul, Saint John Bosco, Cancer Research, ASPAP and Refugees for the conflict in Syria.

He was a professor at the Conservatories of Cáceres and Palencia. He currently plays violin and orchestra in Salamanca, where he has his place, and directs and coordinates the Camerata Salmantina (formerly Diego Pisador, with whom he worked about fourteen years) and Ranita del Tormes. He has taught courses in Asturias (violin and orchestra), Jaén (violin, viola and orchestra), Castilla la Mancha (violin and viola) and in Castilla y León (violin and orchestra), where he already organizes the XVII National Course of Diego Musical Perfection Pusher. The work he does with musicians of all ages, and especially the effort he dedicates to the younger ones, is remarkable.

He has recently founded the Camerata Salmantina and Ranita del Tormes, two youth and children chamber orchestras respectively, which already have more than forty participants and a multitude of collaborators, in addition to the well-known Tarantela group (quartet-orchestra), which is a reality with modest interventions professionals for former students who are finalizing, and with whom it offers concerts of all kinds. He has recorded the album "Filigranas" with Tarantela and Ángel Rufino, "El Mariquelo" with new versions of usual songs, among others, and acts in a duet with the pianist Chema Corvo with a repertoire of tango and diverse styles.

Personal site:

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Cristoph Reuter

Cristoph Reuter

Violin / Viola

Christoph Reuter, 1961
He learnt violin and viola instruments with Prof. C.v.d. Goltz (Brahms-Trio, Würzburg) and with Prof. G. Pichler (Alban Berg Quartett, Vienna).
Magisterial courses, among others with Prof. F. Samohyl (Vienna), Prof. V. Klimov (Moscow), Prof. M. Rostal.
Orchestra conducting studies in Vienna, with Prof. Ernst Österreicher and Otmar Suitner.

Study of cultural management in Vienna and Hagen.

Reuter gained experiences in orchestras with the Wiener Philharmoniker (N. Harnoncourt, C. Abbdo, L. Berio), Bundesheater Wien, Staatstheater Kassel (W. Nelson, A. Fischer), Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra of Frankfurt, Bremen (Paavo Berglund)

Participation as a musician and actor, among others at the Salzburg Festivals 1991-1999 (Peter Stein, G. Flimm) Klangforum Wien (K.-H. Gruber), Days of contemporary music (Würzburg). Edinburgh Festival

Chamber music courses among others in Sweden (Sveg), United States (Tanglewood), Italy, Austria.                      Participation as a professor in the international course of chamber music Raumberg / Austria and Bavarian Youth Orchestra.                      Realization of numerous projects, among others for the Bavarian Chamber Orchestra (In search of the lost world, Subharmonics)

International Foundation to promote culture and civilization (Nature's Way, Micro-Macrocosm, Music in the afternoon, Mozart toujours)                      Member of the direction and string department of the School of Music and Singing, Würzburg, Bavaria

In the framework of these activities he has made several events with students, for students and adults with varied programs, from a small number of chamber musicians to symphony orchestra: (Adonde?; Figaro manda saludos, deja contarte algo.., En el puente, El sonido más largo)


Christoph Reuter 1961
Ausbildung als Geiger und Bratscher bei Prof. C. v. d. Goltz (Brahms-Trio, Würzburg) und Prof. G. Pichler (Alban Berg Quartett, Wien);

Meisterkurse bei u.a. Prof. F. Samohyl (Wien) , Prof. V. Klimov (Moskau), Prof. M. Rostal Dirigierstudium in Wien bei Prof. Ernst Österreicher und Otmar Suitner;

Studium Kulturmanagement in Wien und Hagen; Orchestererfahrung sammelte er bei den Wiener Philharmonikern (N. Harnoncourt, C. Abbado, L. Berio), Bundestheater Wien, Kassler Staatstheater (W. Nelson, A. Fischer) Kammerphilharmonie Frankfurt/Bremen (Paavo Berglund) Mitwirkung als Musiker und Schauspieler u.a. Salzburger Festspiele 1991-1999 (Peter Stein, G. Flimm), Klangforum Wien (K.-H. Gruber), Tage für Neue Musik (Würzburg), Edinburgh Festival;

Kammermusikkurse u.a. Schweden (Sveg), USA (Tanglewood), Italien, Österreich Dozententätigkeit u.a. Internationaler Kammermusikkurs Raumberg/Österreich Landesjugendorchester Bayern

Durchführung zahlreicher Projekte u.a. für das Bayerische Kammerorchester (Auf der Suche nach der verlorenen Welt, Untertöne), Internationale Stiftung zur Foederung von Kultur und Zivilisation (Nature´s Way, Mikro-Makrokosmos, Musik am Nachmittag, toujours Mozart)

Mitglied der Schulleitung, Fachbereich Streicher an der Sing- und Musikschule, Würzburg, Bayern Im Rahmen dieser Tätigkeit vielfältige Veranstaltung mit Schülern, für Schüler und Erwachsene mit stets bunten Programmen von kleinster Kammermusikbesetzung (Duo) bis zum Sinfonieorchester: (Wohin?; Figaro lässt grüßen, Lass Dir was erzählen..., Auf der Brücke, Der längste Ton)

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Daniel Lorenzo

Daniel Lorenzo Cuesta

Viola / Violin / Old music workshop

Born in Salamanca, he studied at the Professional and Higher Music Conservatories of his city obtaining the Extraordinary End-of-Career Award.
Later, she entered the Reina Sofía School of Music to expand her training, receiving, in two consecutive academic courses, the prize as outstanding student in the specialty of Chamber Music with Rainer Schmidt (Hagen quartet) and Marta Gulyas.

His education ranges from early music (Manfredo Kraemer, Enrico Onofri, Wim Ten Have, Erick Höbart, Christian Goosses, Mira Glodeanu, Itziar Atutxa, Pedro Gandía, Bruno Cocset, Andrea Marcon, Guido Moroni ...) to classical and contemporary (Gerard Caussé, Rainer Schmidt, Nobuko Imai, Wolfram Christ, Veronica Hagen, Walter Levin, Yuri Urov, Andrei Gridchuck, Oleg Lev, Paul Cortesse, Marcela Magín, Ferenc Rados ...)

As a soloist he has played with various groups the concerts in SolM by G. Ph. Telemann, the Brandenburg VI, the ReM by F. A. Hoffmeister, the Symphony Concertante for violin and viola by W.A. Mozart and the Romanza Op.85 of M. Bruch.

Among his main collaborations are those performed with the EUBO (European Baroque Orchestra, viola soloist in 2008), Le Concert des Nations (Jordi Savall), Al Ayre Spanish (Eduardo López Banzo), The Rare Fruits Council, Baroque Orchestra of Seville (under batons like that of Gustav Leonhardt), Galdós Ensemble, Tercia Reality, Forma Antiqva, Hippocampus, The Tempest, La Ritirata, Quartet Granados, The Mvsicos de sv Highness, Ficta Music, Baroque Orchestra of the University of Salamanca, Xaconna, Chapel of Music of the Cathedral of Sta María de Vitoria, the RTVE Symphony Orchestra, the Castilla y León Symphony Orchestra, the Galicia Symphony Orchestra, the Extremadura Symphony Orchestra, the Symphony Orchestra of the Principality of Asturias ...

In the field of contemporary music he has been part of groups such as Plural Ensemble, premiering works by composers Luis de Pablo, Tomás Marco, José Luis López López and Carlos Feijoo.

He has made recordings for radio, television and various record labels such as Warner Music, Glossa, Alia Vox, Alpha, Arsis, BIS, ... receiving in 2014 the Codalario award for the best musical product of 2013 for the recording of the String Quartets of JC of Arriga with La Ritirata.

In 2006 he exceeded the Contest-Opposition to the Body of Professors of Music and Performing Arts and obtained his appointment as a Career Officer with final destination at the Professional Conservatory of Music "Rafael Frühbeck de Burgos" where he combined until the 2016/17 academic year the interpretive activity with the professor as a professor of Viola, Chamber Music and Orchestra. At present he enjoys a leave of absence, thus concentrating his professional activity on interpretation.

Featured recordings:

- Le Concert des Nations: “Serenate Notturne – Eine Kleine Nachtmusik” https://play.spotify.com/album/3goNzqxerGdqvSc2AVDTPq

- Orquesta Sinfónica de Galicia “Iberia de Albéniz, arr. Francisco Guerrero” http://www.laquintademahler.com/shop/detalle.aspx?id=35973

- La Tempestad:
“Sexteto concertante de W.A.Mozart. https://play.spotify.com/album/2jbig6vA8tjIN58VB9dLGf

- Galdós Ensemble:
“Mozart - Schröter Piano Concertos" como 2o violín solista. https://play.spotify.com/album/2KDx1Xhro3ohoLXcLeDR51

- Los Músicos de su Alteza.
"Amor aumenta del Valor" de José de Nebra www.outhere-music.com/en/albums/amor-aumenta-el-valor-alpha-171

-Orquesta Barroca de Sevilla.
“Carles Bager: Sinfonías” https://play.spotify.com/album/6IJf3blLUyN9EJLQbVtAkj

- La Ritirata.
"Juan Crisóstomo de Arriaga: Complete String Quartets" www.prestoclassical.co.uk/r/Glossa/GCD923102

- La Ritirata.
"The cello in Spain" http://laritirata.com/site/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/RS_923103.pdf?2b14ae

Email: danlorcu@gmail.com

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Clara García

Clara García

Viola / Violin / Musical language

Born in Salamanca. He made his musical studies in the specialty of viola at the Conservatory of Music Castilla y León, studying with professors Néstor M. Pou and Iván Martín. He has completed advanced courses with Natasha Tchitch, José Manuel Sáiz, Quiroga Quartet, Artis Quartet and old music courses with Andoni Mercero, Pedro Gandía and Hiro Kurosaki.

He began his orchestral activity as a member of the Diego Pisador Youth Orchestra of Salamanca. Subsequently, various formations have been part, such as the Young Chamber Orchestra of the Caja Duero Foundation, JOSCYL, JORCAM or the Jungen Sinfonie Berlin. He has played in theaters such as the Liceo Theater and the CAEM in Salamanca, the Calderón Theater and the Miguel Delibes Auditorium in Valladolid, the Teatros del Canal or the National Auditorium in Madrid or the Konzerthaus in Berlin, under the direction of Gerard Caussé, Miguel Roa, Lutz Köhler, Jordi Francés, Sergio Alapont or Marc Piollet among others.

He is a founding member of the Tarantela Quartet, with which he has been active for more than a decade and recently recorded the album "Filigranas" in collaboration with Ángel Rufino "El Mariquelo", in a bid for new versions of music of all time .

He currently combines his musical activity with teaching, teaching viola at the Antonio Machado Professional Music Center in Salamanca and at various schools in the city, where he also teaches musical initiation, trying to make the little ones love music, in First place as language, but also as an art and a science, practicing it from joy.

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Alexander Osokin

Alexander Osokin


He was born in Moscow into a family of musicians, his father was a composer and his mother a cellist and professor.
He began his musical studies at the age of six. He studied at the Moscow Central Music School and at the Tchaikovsky Higher Conservatory in Moscow with M. Rostropovich. He completed his doctorate in the string quartet specialty at the Gnesin Conservatory in Moscow with V. Berlinsky.

He participated as the first violoncello in the International Concert of orchestras "H. von Karajan" in Berlin, where he obtained, as a member of the orchestra, the First Prize and the Gold Medal. He played as co-principal in the International Orchestra under the direction of H. von Karajan.

For 25 years he was a member of the "String Quartet of Moscow" laureate with the first prizes in various international competitions. With this quartet Mr. Shostakovich worked with his own works. He performed in numerous concerts in different countries of Europe, Asia and Latin America. With the string quartet of Moscow made multiple recordings (CD, Radio and TV recordings). He made different compilations in volumes of CD with all the quartets of Tchaikovsky, trios, quartets, quintets and the sextet of A. Borodin. The albums with the works of Borodin obtained the qualification "CHOC" of Paris. He was part of another quartet with V. Spivakov under the name "Spivakov Quartet" with which he has performed in the best venues in Europe, the United States and Japan. He is one of the founders of the orchestra "Virtuosos de Moscú", directed by V. Spivakov. With the "Trio Picasso" he recorded four CDs of the trios for violin, cello and piano by L. Beethoven. With different groups he has recorded more than 30 CDs with the Discographic Houses "BMG / RCA" (USA), "Le Chant du Monde" (France), "Melodía" (Russia), "Ángel" (Mexico) and "RBM" ( Germany). He has played in the best halls and the most prestigious festivals in the world and has performed in more than 4000 concerts both as a soloist, as a member of different chamber music groups and with orchestras in more than 35 countries around the world. He has shared the stage with D. Oistrakh, Y. Menuhin, M. Rostropovich, V. Kraynev, D. Bashkirov, A. Liubimov, E. Kisin, Maria Joao Pires, Y. Bashmet, M. Maisky among other artists.

In the field of pedagogy he has extensive experience, starting this activity in Moscow. Since 1990, in contract with the Prince of Asturias Foundation as a member of the "Virtuosos de Moscú" orchestra, he started working in Spain, where he develops a wide activity as a concert performer and music pedagogue teaching Master Classes in many cities. Some of its students have been awarded with the first prizes in numerous contests. He has been a member of the jury in the National Contest of Cellists in Zaragoza, artistic director of the Contest of Cellos of Arquillos (Jaén) and professor of cello in the Postgraduate of the University of Oviedo. He is currently a professor of cello and chamber music at the Conservatorio Julián Orbón de Avilés and cello professor at the Soloist Interpreting Master (MIS) at the Katarina Gurska Higher Center in Madrid.

Newspaper cut in which the Queen crowns Osokin

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Elisa Tejedor

Elisa Tejedor


Dedicated to music in body and soul since its inception, she moved to Oviedo at the beginning to study with Professor Alexander Osokin. He obtains the Advanced Degree in the Oviedo Conservatory and the Soloist Interpretation Master in the CSKG.

It enjoys an intense chamber music and orchestral activity that is leading it to participate as a member of numerous groups performing in the most prestigious halls and cycles of the Spanish scene (Operas at the Teatro Real de Madrid, Oviedo Filarmonía Orchestra, Philharmonic Orchestra of Spain, Philharmonic Orchestra of Asturias, Soloist in the ORCAM chamber series, the Gustav Mahler Festival, Musikwochen (Dobiacco, Italy), San Lorenzo de El Escorial Festival, XXII Sacred Art Festival, among others). He has also toured Portugal, Italy, China with various groups.

In the field of research, his study stands out in relation to the repertoire of the 20th century and contemporary alongside the Brazilian composer Edson Zampronha, recording in 2012 a work for cello solo and another for cello with electroacoustics. Also his immersion in the Shostakovich Sonata Op. 40, which contributed to his advancement and development within the educational community. She was accepted at the University of Aveiro (Portugal) to do her Doctorate in Interpretation under the supervision of Luca Chiantore.

Outside of classical music, he regularly participates in numerous television shows with artists such as Ricky Martin, ABBA Tour, Lucy Lummis, etc and other collaborations in jazz music, free improvisation, cycles of new music in several concerts, recordings of CDs and DVDs, as well as in the organization of pedagogical and social work projects.

It complements his professional, integral and human training thanks to the master classes of Suzana Stefanovic, Ángel Luís Quintana, Miguel Jiménez, Salvador Escrig, Ives-Nicolás Cernea and Dmitri Furnadjiev. Especially those of David Lockington (Director of the "Grand Rapids Symphony Orchestra"), who has encouraged him to continue on his way.

He combines his concert life with an intense pedagogical work, joining the team of professors of the School of Creative Music from 2015.

His enthusiasm for other disciplines such as Musicology, History of Art, photography and theater have contributed to forge a firm, sensitive and versatile personality that does not intend to elude any of the artistic criteria, as an axis that fuses and articulates a musical base and common art.

In his work as a musician he tries to combine the necessary skills, with security and autonomy, that contribute to the enrichment of the legacy and the musical culture, nourishing a vocation and an artistic criterion that allow it to be carried out in all the processes that lead with freedom, respect and emotional depth.

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David Monrabal

David Monrabal

Double bass

Natural of Valencia. He began his musical studies at the "La Familiar" Musical Society of Benisanó and the Paterna Musical Center of Paterna, continuing at the conservatories of Liria, Alicante and Valencia, initially receiving trumpet classes from professors José Marqués Lairón, Leopoldo Vidal Estrems, Asensio Magraner Pérez and Ricardo Casañ Dolç, and later on double bass by professors Miguel Llopis Bernat, Francisco Roche Raga and Josep Hernández i Navarro. He expands his training in the Department of Pedagogical Practices of the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow, with professors Lev Rakov and Mikhail Kekshoev. He has taken advanced courses with Antonio García Araque, Emilio Maravella, Franco Petracchi, Rustem Gavdullin, Evgeny Kolosov, etc.

He has collaborated with groups such as the Orchestra of the University of Valencia, the Municipal Band of Alicante, the Municipal Band of La Coruña, the Alicante Symphony Orchestra, the Royal Philharmonic of Galicia, the Murcia Symphony Orchestra, the City of Elche Orchestra, and various chamber ensembles. He is currently a member of the Harmonie XXI wind and contrabass octet.

He has been a double bass professor of the Music and Dance Board of Javea, Hipólito Martínez School of Valencia, Paterna Musical Center of Paterna, Orense Professional Music Conservatory, Conservatory of La Coruña and the Professional Conservatory of Salamanca. Currently he develops his teaching work among the Professional and Superior Conservatories of Murcia.


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Daniel Tarrio

Daniel Tarrio


Born in Oviedo, he began his musical studies in the Specialty of Oboe with D.Joaquin Moran Nora, with which he obtained the title of Middle School Teacher with the highest grades. He entered the Royal Conservatory of Music of Madrid, where under the direction of Oboe Professor Juan Carlos Baguena Roig, finished his higher studies with Honors Award. During his years of studies in Madrid he is part of the Youth Orchestra of the Community of Madrid, being the main Oboe.

He is a founding member of the Quinteto de Viento Reijcha, with which he has performed concerts in different theaters and houses of culture, making an important musical dissemination thanks to his didactic concerts. With the Quijote de Viento Reijcha, he won the Muñiz Toca Chamber Music Award in its 1991 edition, organized by the Higher Conservatory of Music of Oviedo.

He collaborates with several Symphony Orchestras among which include: The Symphony Orchestra of the Principality of Asturias, Chamber Orchestra "Virtuosos of Moscow", Magistralia Orchestra, Gijón Symphony Orchestra, Symphonic Orchestra "Odón Alonso" of León, Galician Chamber Orchestra, Orchestra "Diego Pisador" of Salamanca, Orchestra of the Conservatory Julián Orbón de Avilés, Orquesta Julián Orbón de Avilés, Orchestra of the Conservatory of Music of Oviedo with which he participates as a soloist on several occasions.

He develops an intense chamber work as an Oboísta in different groups, both locally and nationally.

                     Since its foundation in 1992 and until July 2013 has been Oboe soloist of the City of Oviedo Music Band.

He has been a professor of Oboe and responsible for the wind and percussion section of the Magistralia Foundation courses, with which he developed an intense activity of disseminating music and didactic concerts throughout the national geography.

In 1999, he obtained the position of Oboe's Numerary Professor belonging to the Music and Performing Arts Corps of the MEC, developing his teaching work in the music conservatories of Ponferrada, Salamanca, La Coruña and currently at the Higher Conservatory of Music. Music of Asturias.

He holds the Interuniversity Master's Degree in "Musical Heritage", taught by the Universities of Oviedo, Granada and the International University of Andalusia. He is currently doing Doctorate studies.

Oboe Reed Workshop:

                         I. Blade Manufacturing

                         1. Arundo Donax

                         2. Machines
                        Application and use:
                        Pregubiadora, Gubiadora, Forma
                        and Hardness micrometer,
                        Measurements, density of the blades

                         II. Assembly of the Reed

                         1. Tools
                        Application and use: Form,
                        Mandrill or Tudelero, Thread
                        Wire, Drying, etc.

                         2. Process
                        Choosing the Shovel
                        Shape of the cane
                        Elaboration and Adjustment

                         III. Scraping the cane

                         1. Tools
                        Application and use: Pocket knife, Tudelero,
                        Plastic tongue, Pliers,
                        Cortacañas, Lima,, Caliber, etc.
                        Razor Sharpening

                         2. Process
                        Parts of the Cane: Punta, Centro,
                        Back, Edges, Step, Tudel ..
                        Types and shapes of scraping:
                        Silhouettes, parts and points of
                        Snoring, Flexibility and Balance.
                        Finishing and tuning

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Pedro Garbajosa

Pedro Garbajosa


He was born in Madrid. He studied music at the Royal Conservatory of Music of Madrid, obtaining the Clarinet and Chamber Music Titles, with Prizes and Honors in both specialties. Among the people who contributed to his musical training, he shows special thanks to the masters M. Muñoz and V. Peñarrocha (clarinet), P. Zazpe (music theory and theory), J. Villa Rojo (harmony) and L Rego (chamber music).

He did several advanced courses with J. Tomas, W. Boeykens, A. Pay, C. Myerscough ... But it is with the English professor A. Pay with whom he studied regularly from 1992 to 1996. The Community of Madrid awarded him to perform Postgraduate studies at the Academia Internazionale di Musica "Lorenzo Perosi" in Biella, Italy.

Master's degree from the "Rey Juan Carlos" University (Faculty of Legal and Social Sciences) where he presented the T.F.M. "Yoga therapy for musicians"

He has been part of several chamber groups. He was a founding member of the Youth Symphony Orchestra of the Community of Madrid. He has collaborated with the Madrid Symphony Orchestra, the Castilla y León Symphony Orchestra, the Symphonic Orchestra of the RTVE, the Hanoi Phiharmonic Orchestra ... He has recorded three CDs with the contemporary music group "Cosmos", for the EMEC and SEVERAL RECORDS and another CD with the trio "Desde la Sur de Europa" for SONY FOLK label. He has also collaborated with the group "Xeque Mate" in the recording of "Alen da Lenda", with the RESISTENCIA label and in the recording of the Opera "Serea", for the GCMUS label. He has recently published another two CDs for the VERSO label: "Música para Camus" by S, Mariné and "Acrílico y Oleo" by A. Moreno. It has recordings for R.N.E., CANAL +, RAI and RADIO FRANCE.

His activity as concert performer has led him, in addition to Spain, to stages in France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Egypt, Japan and Vietnam.

He is currently working as a member of the Dharma trio, of the Areteia quartet (resident group of the Autonomous University of Madrid) and as a member of the Wind Quintet of the RCSMM. He teaches as a clarinet and yoga therapy professor at the Royal Conservatory of Music of Madrid.

Since 1997 she has also been dedicated to the study and teaching of Yoga, especially applied to the performing arts. Disciple of Sri Madhavacharia Yogi Dhasa, from whom he obtained the degree of Maha Yoga Siromani (senior yoga professor).

He is also qualified in Vedic Medicine and Bioespinology. It belongs to the Sanatana Dharma Association.                     Pedro plays with Selmer-Signature clarinets.

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Mariana Gurkova

Mariana Gurkova


He began studying piano at the age of five in Sofia (Bulgaria), his hometown. At the age of ten he gives his first recital and at eleven he performs for the first time with an orchestra performing the concert No. 1 of F. Mendelsohn. After graduating from the Sofia Musical Institute, he continued his studies at the National Superior Conservatory of Bulgaria under the direction of B. Starshenov and later with Joaquín Soriano at the Royal Superior Conservatory of Madrid, where he has lived since 1988.

Awarded with the highest awards in numerous occasions among which include the international competitions of Jaén, Senigalia (Italy), Santander, Cincinnati (USA), "Jacinto Guerrero" (Madrid), "Jose Iturbi" (Valencia), "E. Pozzoli "(Italy); the nationals "Sv. Obretenov "and" Juventudes Musicales "of Bulgaria, etc.

Her concert activity has taken her to the most prestigious venues in Spain, besides performing recitals and concerts with orchestra in Bulgaria, France, Italy, Germany, Greece, Czechoslovakia, USA, Brazil, Mexico, India, Japan, Australia and South Africa. He has performed under the baton of directors of the stature of S. Comisiona, Ph. Entremont, G. Pehlivanian, A. Rahbari, R. Stankovski, E. Bauer, A. Natanek, T. Mikelsen, G. Kostin, E. Garcia Asensio, M. Galduf, etc.

He has recorded for different radio and television channels such as RAI, RTVE, Radio Melbourne, Radio Yokohama and RTV Bulgarian. His interpretation and recording of the integral of Chopin's Studios has deserved the highest praise from the public and critics.

At the moment she combines the concert activity with the professor in the Royal Superior Conservatory of Madrid.

Personal web:

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Chema Corvo

Chema Corvo

Improvisation / Modern music

ACADEMIC TRAINING: -Title of Superior of Musical Pedagogy in the Superior Conservatory of Music of Salamanca. -Title of Piano Teacher, middle grade. -Title of Professor of Solfeggio, middle grade.

In his COMPLEMENTARY EDUCATION, he has gone towards the Jazz and Improvisation piano, with professors such as Horacio Icasto, Mariano Díaz and Polo Ortí. Along the same lines, he has conducted several courses and seminars, among which include: "Improvisation at the piano", with Emilio Molina; "Modern solfege techniques", with Adelino Barrios; "Third jazz and flamenco seminar in Seville", given by Chano Domínguez, Rubén Dantas and Antonio Mesa; Course at the Salamanca Conservatory of Jazz, with Bruce Barth and Steve Wilson; "Creative jazz workshop", with Bobby Martínez and Bob Sands; "Creative jazz workshop", with Albert Bover, piano specialty, etc.

In 1990 he moved to France, where he studied Piano with Alain Motard at the Bordeaux Conservatory, and later at the Ecole Normal de Musique in Paris, under the direction / supervision of Marguerite D'Arco. Enrolled in the School of Creative Music of Madrid, he receives Modern Piano lessons from Ricard Miralles; Modern Harmony, with Claudio Gabis, and Composition and Arrangements with Eva Gancedo and Eduardo Laguillo. More recently, he has attended classes with the Argentine Germán Kucich, in his effort to continue training in piano-jazz.

His LABOR EXPERIENCE covers a wide variety of fields, from the professional practice of music in different and disparate areas (theater, folklore, jazz, etc.), to education, also developed in different areas: As a professor, he has taught in several Secondary schools, as well as in various professional conservatories of Castilla y León (Salamanca, Zamora, Valladolid, Palencia). In the School of Direct Music of Salamanca, he worked as a Jazz professor for two years. He has taught at the Musicians Collective of Salamanca of Modern Piano and Keyboards. He has also taught the "Big Band and Ensemble" courses of the University of Salamanca, during the academic years 2005 to 2010.

He has also been a speaker in the III and IV Intensive Blues Courses, Llano Alto (Béjar), as a Modern Piano professor (July 2006 and 2007).                      He has taught Instrumental Improvisation courses at the Superior Conservatory of Salamanca, and at the Professional Conservatories of Salamanca, Ponferrada, Ávila and Zamora. He has given didactic concerts for music schools, the Municipal Institute of Education, libraries, etc ...

In his career as a professional musician, he has been a member of several formations of different styles: blues, jazz, latin-jazz, tango, folklore ...                       He has participated in several editions of the "Jazz en la Calle" program in Salamanca, as well as in the meeting, of the same name, in Santander. With the quartet Newport Jazz, he traveled to Palencia to be part of the program "Puestas de Sol", and, later, of the I International Festival "Enclave de Música", in Barruelo de Santullán (Palencia). There have been several editions, both of the Municipal Book Fair and of the Old Book Fair of Salamanca, in which he has participated with different formations. Both alone and a duo, trio, etc., has given concerts in several Spanish cities, in Provincial Councils, Salamanca Conference Center, Castile and Leon Theater Network, Festivals, etc., ...

He has composed music for advertising and for theater ("Pan con pan", by Zanguango Teatro, winner of the Max theater prize, "Diario de una camarera" by Actúa Teatro, the short film "La Gota", "Cabareteros", "Federico "," Veneno "-this last three of Intrussión Teatro-, documentary about the city of Caravaca, documentary of the Air Museum of Madrid, etc ...

Currently faces new and varied projects, ranging from the dixie music of the "Keaton Dixie Band" (www.couleurcafejazzquartet.com), the quartet “Couleur Café” (www.myspace.com/couleurcafejazz), the jazz group manouche "The last quarter", until the collaboration as a pianist in Ángel Rufino's latest album, "Mariquelo".

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Antonio Santos

Antonio Santos


Baritone, professor, director and musicologist, studied at the Conservatory and University of Salamanca, Spain, with professors Richard Levitt, David Mason and at Indiana University, USA, where he obtained his master's degree in singing with Paul Elliott and Dr. Robert Harrison.

He develops his career in Spain, France, Portugal, Germany, Ireland, Brazil, Colombia and the United States. He has participated in the Bloomington Early Music Festival, Boston Early Music Festival (USA), Lyrique d´Aix-en-Provence Festival (France), Juiz de Fora International Online Festival of Colonial Music, London International Online Festival ( Brazil) and the Santander International Online Festival (Spain). She has received two international awards and has made recordings in several countries.

As a soloist he has been invited to collaborate with orchestras and ensembles such as the Poetic Music Orchestra, the Baroque Orchestra of the Indiana University, the Baroque Orchestra of the Superior Conservatory of Music of Castilla y León, the Young Symphony Orchestra of Burgos, the Young Orchestra of the City of Salamanca, Music Ficta de Colombia y Medio Concertato. It is part of the Romantic Singing group and the Classical Chapel XXI.

As a professor, he has offered master classes at the University of Limerick, (Ireland) and at the Universidad de los Andes (Colombia), a country where he was a professor in the music program at the Universidad del Norte (Barranquilla). He has offered his vocal teachings to numerous choirs in Castilla y León, including the Ars Nova Choir and the University of Valladolid Choir, among others. He has been invited on several occasions by the Extremadura Choral Federation to teach choir courses and as a competition jury. He is currently professor of singing and choir at the Salamanca City of Culture and Knowledge Foundation.

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Eloísa de Guzmán

Eloísa de Guzmán

Complementary Singing / Piano Repertorist

He obtained a Higher Degree in piano at the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Salamanca, expanding his postgraduate studies at the Franz Liszt Academy in Budapest and a Master's in Solo Interpretation at the Centro Superior Katarina Gurska, with professor Alexander Kandelaki.

He has numerous performance awards, including 1st Prize for Piano in Sahagún, 2nd Prize in the International Online Competition in Valladolid, and 1st Prize for Young Music in the Contemporary Music category, Junta de Castilla y León for two consecutive years.

During his career as a concert artist he has performed as a soloist with orchestras such as the Voronezh State Symphony (Russia), the Russian State Orchestra "Slava Rostropovich" or the Bari Symphony (Italy), witnessing renowned concert halls such as the Juan March Foundation in Madrid, Ciudad de León Auditorium, Liceo de Salamanca Theater, Calderón de Valladolid Theater, Galileo Theater (Madrid), Romanticism Museum (Madrid) and Ateneo Theater, among others.

Currently he combines his activity as a soloist and chamber music soloist with that of a professor and accompanying pianist at the Professional Conservatory of Music in Salamanca.

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The course

  • Violin / Viola / Orchestra: Sergio Fuentes, Cristoph Reuter
  • Viola / Violin / Old Music Workshop: Daniel Lorenzo
  • Viola / Violin / Musical language: Clara García
  • Violoncello: Alexander Osokin and Elisa Tejedor
  • Double bass: David Monrabal
  • Oboe: Daniel Tarrio
  • Clarinet: Pedro Garbajosa
  • Piano: Mariana Gurkova
  • Improvisation / Modern music: Chema Corvo
  • Singing: Antonio Santos
  • Complementary Singing / Piano Repertorist: Eloísa de Guzmán

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